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We are looking for K-12 schools in San Diego County to partner with. We would require a small area on school grounds in order to create a garden and composting space, as well as would love to connect with Science teachers to assist in integrating Sustainability education into their curriculum. We have been approved by San Diego Unified School District to operate within the district. 

Ideally, we would also like to coordinate with school kitchen staff to create a mutually-beneficial composting and fresh produce partnership. We believe that this is one of the first steps to truly reducing waste on campus, as well as helping to ensure that students are provided healthy options that they can take a sense of personal accomplishment in.

Ultimately, we view our partnership with schools as operating in a club format, in which students may opt-in to become more involved in sustainable efforts.

We are in need of:

  • Gardening tools (adult and child sizes)

  • Vermicompost bins

  • Seeds​

  • Scrap (2x4, 1x6, and 1x1) lumber

  • Mulch

  • Garden soil

  • Buckets

  • Kneeling pads

  • Gardening gloves (all sizes)

  • Raised beds

  • Garden shed

  • Sawdust

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